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Advanced DNA Technology - Common questions, testing process, and services for DNA testing, from a laboratory in Houston, TX.

Affiliated Genetics, Inc. - Founded 1994 from experience since 1988 at University of Utah. Court-admissible paternity or screens for diagnostic, personal identification and twin zygosity. Salt Lake City, UT.

Allen G. Gelb - Forensic consultant offering social security benefit assistance, sibling and paternity testing using RFLP; prenatal, blood analysis or buccal home collection kit, with FAQ, from New York, NY.

Ana-Gen Technologies, Inc. - Paternity analysis with non-amnio prenatal, personal and legal (AABB) options from Atlanta, GA.

Andergene Inc. - Offers DNA testing services to establish family relationships from Oceanside, CA.

Applied DNA Resources - Specializes in the review of forensic DNA testing, providing legal professionals with expert opinions, testimony and education. Columbus , OH.

Bio-Synthesis, Inc. - Offer DNA case consultation, semen detection, sex-typing and parenting testing to AABB standards. FAQ, instructions and online ordering of home or legal kit from Lewisville, TX.

Bode Technology Group, Inc. - Forensics and human identification, paternity testing, felon databanking and information from Springfield, VA.

BRT Laboratories, Inc. - DNA testing for the determination of paternity, immigration, relationship, and siblings. CLIA Registered forensic, p53-mutational, clinical donor confirmation and drug testing. Also semen analysis using PSA. Claims to have collection centers in several countries and States besides Baltimore, MD.

Colorado Specimen Collection - Paternity testing and phlebotomy, including homebound patients, mobile service at extra cost out of Lakewood, CO.

Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc. - Offering DNA paternity home kits or legal testing with accreditation in 50 States and expert testimony available from Richmond, VA.

DNA Analysis, Inc. - Offers DNA profiling and storage to settle parentage, forensic, or inheritance issues from Cincinnati, OH.

DNA Diagnostics Center - Offers paternity, maternity, and siblingship studies required for immigration and custody cases. Located in Fairfield, OH.

DNA Diagnostics, Inc. - Multi-species laboratory specializing in animal and human DNA testing for State regulators, LE-agencies, attorneys and breed associations from labs in Carthage, TX

DNA Forensic Consultants - Clinical laboratory since 1981, explaining their CLIA- accredited HLA, red cell antigens and DNA DQA1, PM and STR testing for parental, immigration, adoption. Offering testimony in courts of NJ, NY, and PA, with base in Ridgewood, NJ.

DNA Plus - Mobile collection service including prenatal paternity. Self-collection kits for paternity from hair, semen or 5-minute infidelity test kit. Drug & alcohol screening services at the workplace or screening kits' Assist other paternity testing laboratories with confidential collection with chain-of-custody protocol. Coordinate in different States from Chatsworth, CA.

DNA Testing Centre, Inc. - Laboratory in Euless (Dallas-Fort Worth area), Texas, offers home test kits worldwide for paternity determination and other purposes. Includes FAQs and other information.

DNA Testing Solutions, Inc. - DNA testing results in 5 days or less, with prices for legally binding paternity, banking, siblihgship, and Y chromosome tests, worldwide from Tampa, FL.

DNAPrint Genomics - Genetic analytics and information for personalized medicine. Sarasota FL

Empire Genetics Inc. - Laboratory established 1978, now offering two tear pricing with option of test admissible in any court in the USA as evidential proof of paternity or non-paternity from Cedarhurst, NY.

Fairfax Identity Laboratories - Offers accredited DNA paternity, maternity, grandparentage, forensics, immigration and felon databanking. Features conception calculator, from specialized provider of infertility treatment with facilities in Fairfax and Ashburn, VA and Gaithersburg, MD operated from High Point, NC.

Forensic Bioinformatic Services, Inc. - Offer an objective review of DNA evidence in court cases to assist attorneys in verifying forensic evidence. Fairborn, Ohio.

Genelex Corp. - Founded in 1987, ASCL-accredited in forensic DNA testing since 1998, the AABB for parentage testing since 1992, and complies with FDA GL & GMP and contributed to NIST standards from Redmond, WA.

Genetic Identity - Site comprehensively explaining all the genetics behind accredited and accurate paternity testing services provided from Eugene, OR.

Genetic Paternity Testing Professionals - Confidential genetic testing with contact only through email.

Genetic Profiles Corp. - Brief FAQ, requesting analysis to establish or disprove paternity, their procedure, fees based on time, using home collection kit for mailing to AABB-accredited lab in San Diego, CA.

The Genetic Testing Laboratory - Offering sample collection in Las Cruces and Albuquerque, NM, or El Paso, TX, for DNA analysis at the Genetic Testing Laboratory, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM

Genetica DNA Laboratories, Inc. - Company which legally determines parentage identity from Cincinnati, OH.

Genetic-Connections - Private laboratory facility specializing exclusively in DNA identification testing, located in Northbrook, IL.

GenQuest - AABB-accredited laboratory specializing in paternity, prenatal genetic and forensic tests, arranging buccal collection throughout the USA, from the University of Nevada School of Medicine, Reno, NV.

Identagene, Inc. - Secure login with case studies, family law tips for DNA paternity testing services. Also criminal law as applied to Houston, TX.

Identigenetix - Provices personal and legal services for DNA report interpretation and case-file reviews from Boise, ID.

Identity Genetics, Inc. - Privately owned company explaining services for paternity and forensics, with DNA testing information, sampling instructions, glossary, secure ordering from Brookings, SD.

Long Beach Genetics - Confidential paternity tests and genetic reconstruction from Ranco Dominquez, CA.

Mitotyping Technologies, LLC - Specialist laboratory providing overview of mitochondrial DNA analysis, permitted for identity by New York Department of Health. Includes bibliography, and contacts for their service in State College, PA.

Molecular Diagnostic Laboratories - Provides PCR based diagnostic tests for patient management and research purposes from Cincinnati, OH.

Niagen Genetics, Inc. - Established 1998, for DNA paternity testing in curiosity and legal cases. Claims over 4000 locations for sample submission, subsidiaries in 36 countries, affiliates with accreditation encompassing forensic and ISO 9002 from Genetest Laboratories, Buffalo, NY.

NucleoGenix LLC. - Offers DNA typing technology and forensic science education and training for legal practitioners.

Orchid Cellmark - Forensic casework from one of the first service providers, now with direct upload to NDIS and includes Y chromosome STR testing for samples containing male and female DNA. Contacts for Germantown, MD, Nashville, TN and Dallas, TX.

Paternity Services of Florida - Online since 1994, now providing AABB accredited DNA testing with home collection kits. Offices in Tampa, FL and Houston, TX.

Paternity Testing Corp. - AABB-accredited DNA paternity, parentage and forensic identity testing with guidance. Actively researching new screening protocols in Columbia, MO.

Professional Screening Service - Forensic services including specimen collection, paternity, DNA, drug and alcohol testing. DOT post-accident service available from Memphis, TN.

ReliaGene Technologies, Inc. - Full service DNA testing laboratory, specializing in paternity, forensic, and molecular diagnostic testing in New Orleans, LA.

Rocky Mountain Health Screens, LLC. - Home and legal paternity tests, drug testing, pregnancy testing and other medical test kits, from Colorado Springs, CO.

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